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Lenovo T410 Coreboot
by A. Veek
1 year, 5 months
Re: [coreboot] No VGA output on e350m1 after flashing. what to do?
by Reiner Luett
2 years, 8 months
Re: [coreboot] On Intel Boot Guard
by Alexander Couzens
4 years, 1 month
coreboot ported to the ASUS KGPE-D16 (Libreboot: blobless, fully functional!)
by Timothy Pearson
4 years, 7 months
[Mohon Peak] Memtest86+
by Patrick Agrain
4 years, 9 months
build failure on amd64 host:- help
by sibu
5 years
ASUS KFSN4-DRE Automated Test Failure
by Raptor Engineering Automated Test Stand
5 years
error building coreboot
5 years
Re: [coreboot] Google Panther: coreboot has to wait for Intel’s ME (Management Engine)
by Berth-Olof Bergman
5 years
New Defects reported by Coverity Scan for coreboot
5 years
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