coreboot April 2008
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#95: Run coreboot in VirtualBox
by coreboot
7 years, 1 month

filo and usb boot
by Masoud Fatollahy
11 years, 5 months

[LinuxBIOS] Add initial support for intel i855gme northbridge
by Jon Dufresne
12 years, 12 months

[LinuxBIOS] A8N5X port
by Robert Millan
13 years, 1 month

LZMA magic number
by Myles Watson
13 years, 3 months

[v3] VT8237R support
by Corey Osgood
13 years, 4 months

[PATCH] v3: missing 640k-1024k mem hole for i440bxemulation
by Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
13 years, 5 months

[PATCH] v3: convert stage2 and initram makefile rules from object to source files
by Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
13 years, 5 months

some thoughts on dts vs. Kconfig vs. makefiles vs. C code
by ron minnich
13 years, 6 months

[PATCH] buildrom: Update kconfig to recent version
by Uwe Hermann
13 years, 6 months
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