coreboot February 2015
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Re: [coreboot] [review 1/2] Subject: Prepare for Clevo D900T
by Erika Tibbs
6 years

ASUS KFSN4-DRe: Board status with incomplete coreboot console and time stamps showing long device init
by Paul Menzel
6 years

Re: [coreboot] dell sputnik
by Gregg Levine
6 years

How to get rid of your UEFI
by Torsten Duwe
6 years

x201t + windows7
by Alexander Couzens
6 years

code of conduct (reloaded)
by Alexandru Gagniuc
6 years

Fwd: Re: New interface for I2C in coreboot
by Alex G.
6 years

BB-xM spi
by The Gluglug
6 years

Re: [coreboot] updating coreboot && SeaBIOS on an Acer C720
by Myles Watson
6 years

Release Engineering (again)
by Patrick Georgi
6 years
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