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[LinuxBIOS] Add initial support for intel i855gme northbridge
by Jon Dufresne
11 years, 2 months
[LinuxBIOS] [RFC] i82801 generic patch
by Corey Osgood
12 years, 2 months
[LinuxBIOS] [PATCH] Remove Bitworks IMS
by Corey Osgood
12 years, 3 months
[LinuxBIOS] #80: serial console in grub2 works
by LinuxBIOS
12 years, 4 months
12 years, 5 months
[LinuxBIOS] EFI Payload help: how to identify the resource types and attributes in LB
by Xiong Yi
12 years, 6 months
[LinuxBIOS] [patch] flashrom: add support for Asus P5A
by Luc Verhaegen
12 years, 7 months
[LinuxBIOS] #79: grub2 loads and executes as payload of the Qemu target
by LinuxBIOS
12 years, 7 months
[LinuxBIOS] #84: grub2 can boot linux from IDE disk
by LinuxBIOS
12 years, 7 months
[LinuxBIOS] [patch 0/5] LAR improvements (V2)
12 years, 7 months
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