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Change in ...coreboot[master]: security/intel/stm STM support
by Name of user not set (Code Review)
2 hours, 22 minutes
Change in ...coreboot[master]: HACK PATCH: SDM845: Enable DFS mode for QUP
by mturney mturney (Code Review)
1 day, 7 hours
Change in ...coreboot[master]: HACK fix upstream bug in util/cbfstool/fit.c
by mturney mturney (Code Review)
1 day, 7 hours
Change in coreboot[master]: WIP lenovo/x230t: Add new mainboard
by Damien Zammit (Code Review)
2 days, 8 hours
Change in coreboot[master]: lenovo/x230t: Use INPUT mode for gpio33 as per discussion
by Damien Zammit (Code Review)
2 days, 12 hours
Change in ...coreboot[master]: Adding Asus A88XM-E FM2+ motherboard with documentation
by Balázs Vinarz (Code Review)
3 days, 3 hours
Change in ...coreboot[master]: lenovo/g505s: Add the discrete VGA support for AMD Lenovo G505S laptop
by mikeb mikeb (Code Review)
3 days, 8 hours
Change in ...coreboot[master]: mb/lenovo/*: Add support for VBOOT on 12MiB devices
by Patrick Rudolph (Code Review)
5 days, 4 hours
Change in coreboot[master]: src/soc/intel/{cnl,icl}: Add support to configure interrupt overrides
by Aamir Bohra (Code Review)
6 days, 5 hours
Change in ...coreboot[master]: [WIP]x86: Introduce the blobolator
by Patrick Rudolph (Code Review)
6 days, 15 hours
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