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Change in ...coreboot[master]: mb/google/hatch: Enable SD card support for hatch
by Maulik V Vaghela (Code Review)
1 day, 17 hours
Change in ...coreboot[master]: fu540: add code to initialize flash
by Xiang Wang (Code Review)
2 days, 13 hours
Change in ...coreboot[master]: drivers/smmstore: Fix some issues
by Arthur Heymans (Code Review)
3 days
Change in ...coreboot[master]: mb/google/hatch: Enable PCIe WLAN and BT
by Maulik V Vaghela (Code Review)
3 days, 15 hours
Change in ...coreboot[master]: Create a default SMMSTORE region
by Arthur Heymans (Code Review)
4 days, 4 hours
Change in ...coreboot[master]: soc/intel/cannonlake: Add option for boot frquency
by Lijian Zhao (Code Review)
4 days, 22 hours
Change in ...coreboot[master]: src/soc/intel/common/block/pcie: Add a workaround for ThP2 9260
by Gaggery Tsai (Code Review)
1 week
Change in ...coreboot[master]: WIP: mb/qemu-riscv: update to match current qemu version
by Philipp Hug (Code Review)
2 weeks, 5 days
Change in ...coreboot[master]: src/superio/ite/common: Prepare for new SuperIO
by Michał Żygowski (Code Review)
2 weeks, 5 days
Change in ...coreboot[master]: mb/google/hatch: Make WP_RO range align with winbond specification
by Subrata Banik (Code Review)
2 weeks, 5 days
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