coreboot-gerrit December 2019
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Change in coreboot[master]: soc/intel/common: Add romstage common stage file
by Bernardo Perez Priego (Code Review)
23 hours, 26 minutes

Change in coreboot[master]: [WIP] util/inteltool: add opt to override cores number
by Maxim Polyakov (Code Review)
1 day, 15 hours

Change in coreboot[master]: util/kconfig: Uprev to Linux 5.3's kconfig
by Patrick Georgi (Code Review)
2 weeks, 2 days

Change in coreboot[master]: [TESTME]x4x/i82801jx/socket_LGA775: Add x86_64 support
by Patrick Rudolph (Code Review)
3 weeks, 3 days

Change in coreboot[master]: mb/acer/aspire_vn7_572g: Adds support for an Acer laptop Adds initial...
by Benjamin Doron (Code Review)
4 weeks, 1 day

Change in ...coreboot[master]: mb/apple: Add MacBook Pro 10,1 (A1398) support
by Evgeny Zinoviev (Code Review)
1 month

Change in ...coreboot[master]: Documentation/security/vboot: Add logic to verify stage/blob using VB...
by Amol N Sukerkar (Code Review)
1 month

Change in coreboot[master]: mb/intel/coffeelake_rvp: Fix display issues on CFL-H, CFL-S, WHL Inte...
by Lean Sheng Tan (Code Review)
1 month

Change in ...coreboot[master]: commonlib: reliicense to for > GPL-2
by Aaron Durbin (Code Review)
1 month

Change in coreboot[master]: [WIP]soc/intel/car: Add support for bootguard CAR
by Arthur Heymans (Code Review)
1 month
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