coreboot-gerrit December 2019
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Change in ...coreboot[master]: gets,checks,installs the coreboot and SeaBIOS patches
by Mike Banon (Code Review)
11 hours, 48 minutes

Change in ...coreboot[master]: Adding Asus A88XM-E FM2+ motherboard with documentation
by Balázs Vinarz (Code Review)
12 hours, 16 minutes

Change in ...coreboot[master]: Documentation: Fix spelling of *assumptions*
by Paul Menzel (Code Review)
22 hours, 53 minutes

Change in ...coreboot[master]: autoport: Add support for Haswell-LynxPoint platform
by Iru Cai (vimacs) (Code Review)
1 day, 9 hours

Change in ...coreboot[master]: [RFC]lib/coreboot_tables: Introduce BOOT_MEDIA_PARAMS2
by Patrick Rudolph (Code Review)
5 days, 2 hours

Change in coreboot[master]: mb/acer/aspire_vn7_572g: Adds support for an Acer laptop Adds initial...
by Benjamin Doron (Code Review)
6 days, 1 hour

Change in coreboot[master]: soc/intel/cannonlake: Enable ACPI timer emulation if PM timer is disa...
by Aamir Bohra (Code Review)
6 days, 1 hour

Change in coreboot[master]: x86: Prevent Kconfig errors resulting in a brick
by Patrick Rudolph (Code Review)
1 week

Change in ...coreboot[master]: payloads/iPXE: Enable support for verifying images
by Felix Singer (Code Review)
1 week, 1 day

Change in ...coreboot[master]: cpu/intel: Use macro instead of numbers
by HAOUAS Elyes (Code Review)
1 week, 1 day
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