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Change in coreboot[master]: AGESA: Fix discovery of IO APICs number
by Krystian Hebel (Code Review)
10 hours, 24 minutes
Change in ...coreboot[master]: nb/amd/pi: support for boards without BINARYPI_LEGACY_WRAPPER
by Krystian Hebel (Code Review)
10 hours, 26 minutes
Change in ...coreboot[master]: [TOTEST]soc/intel/baytrail: Implement C_ENVIRONMENT_BOOTBLOCK
by Arthur Heymans (Code Review)
13 hours, 24 minutes
Change in ...coreboot[master]: mb/pcengines/apu2: describe serial ports in ACPI
by Michał Żygowski (Code Review)
1 day, 17 hours
Change in coreboot[master]: vboot: Unify options to force display init
by Nico Huber (Code Review)
1 day, 18 hours
Change in ...coreboot[master]: payloads/ipxe: Enable HTTPS support
by Felix Singer (Code Review)
2 days, 7 hours
Change in ...coreboot[master]: vboot: Turn vboot_logic_executed() into a static inline
by Julius Werner (Code Review)
2 days, 9 hours
Change in coreboot[master]: intel/smm: Provide common smm_relocation_params
by Kyösti Mälkki (Code Review)
2 days, 15 hours
Change in ...coreboot[master]: security/lockdown: Write-protect WP_RO
by Patrick Rudolph (Code Review)
2 days, 17 hours
Change in coreboot[master]: mainboard/facebook/fbg1701: Add IFD and ME binary
by Frans Hendriks (Code Review)
2 days, 18 hours
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