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Change in ...coreboot[master]: configs: Build test experimental x86_64 code
by Patrick Rudolph (Code Review)
9 hours, 45 minutes
Change in ...coreboot[master]: util/inteltool: Refactoring #2
by Felix Singer (Code Review)
2 days, 3 hours
Change in ...coreboot[master]: util/inteltool: Refactor code of GPIO groups
by Felix Singer (Code Review)
2 days, 3 hours
Change in ...coreboot[master]: drivers/intel/mipi_camera: add functionality
by Matt Delco (Code Review)
1 week, 3 days
Change in ...coreboot[master]: soc/intel/denverton_ns: Rewrite pmutil using pmclib
by Patrick Georgi (Code Review)
2 weeks
Change in ...coreboot[master]: google_chromeec_command: makes the error status consistent
by YH Lin (Code Review)
2 weeks, 2 days
Change in ...coreboot[master]: autoport: Add support for Haswell-LynxPoint platform
by Iru Cai (vimacs) (Code Review)
1 month
Change in ...coreboot[master]: src/arch: This is an upgrade of SMBIOS to latest version 3.2
by Francois Toguo Fotso (Code Review)
1 month
Change in ...coreboot[master]: arch/x86/mmio: Avoid pointer aliasing in write8()
by Nico Huber (Code Review)
1 month, 1 week
Change in ...coreboot[master]: Adding Asus A88XM-E FM2+ motherboard with documentation
by Balázs Vinarz (Code Review)
1 month, 1 week
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