flashrom January 2019

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Re: [flashrom] New SPI NOR Flash product Support
by Stefan Tauner
1 year, 1 month

[announce] flashrom 1.0.1-rc1
by Nico Huber
1 year, 6 months

Using Meson to build flashrom
by Richard Hughes
1 year, 7 months

flashrom, and 4-byte addressing SPI (example: MX25L25635E)
by Евгений
1 year, 7 months

flash chips not supported - modify config file?
by Hugo.Bitard
1 year, 7 months

Re: [flashrom] [coreboot] [LinuxBoot] FOSDEM 2019 deadline today
by Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
1 year, 7 months

Google Coral ChromeBook issue
by Bank Wu
1 year, 8 months

flashrom v1.0 on Linux 4.20.3-gentoo (x86_64) with ch341a and GigaDevice GD25Q40(B)
by Néstor A. Marchesini
1 year, 8 months

ENE KB9012QF A3 reflash help needed
by Nyúlós Lónyál
1 year, 8 months

Found chipset "VIA VT82C597" with PCI ID 1106:0597. Works
by William Smart
1 year, 8 months
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