[coreboot] Source code for "Intel Firmware"

Nathaniel Roach nroach44 at nroach44.id.au
Sat Oct 6 12:06:41 CEST 2018

Hi Zvika,

In the case of a very limited number of chips, the IFD and GbE regions
can be generated, and the ME region skipped entirely (see
libreboot/ich9gen). For the others, some reverse engineering may be
possible for the IFD and GbE regions but generating even a "me_cleaner"
comparable region would require substantial reverse engineering, due to
the obfuscation and protection measures in the ME.

Essentially these regions are not publicly documented and are probably
covered under NDA, and in the case of the ME likely not available unless
you're Intel yourself.

On 06/10/18 12:50, Zvi Vered wrote:
> Hello,
> A bin file burned on a BIOS chip contains "Intel FW":
> IFD=Intel Firmware Descriptor Table.
> PD=Parameters
> ME=Management Engine (For "Core" kind of processors).
> TXE=Trusted Execution Engine (For "Atom" kind of processors).
> GBE=Network card firmware.
> If I'm not mistaken, this package is not supplied within coreboot.
> coreboot only replaces the BIOS part developed by vendors like "AMI bios".
> Where can I find full source code for "Intel FW" ?
> Currently, in order to replace vendor's BIOS we must take binary parts
> of the original bin file and then stitch it to coreboot.rom built with
> the coreboot project.
> I want to depend only on Intel.
> Thank you,
> Zvika

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