[OpenBIOS] [ANNOUNCE] New FCode Suite available!

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Fri Aug 18 17:06:27 CEST 2006

* David L Paktor <dlpaktor at us.ibm.com> [060817 21:29]:
> I would like to make two small amendments:
> The test suite contains exactly 162 tests. Still a lot, but let's not
> mis-advertise even to a small degree.
Sorry, this is true of course. I just did a rough estimate by counting
the .fth files, which is a little bit inaccurate.

> Modesty prohibits me from saying much more than this, but I hope a look at the
> New Features document,
> and at the Test Log files, will suffice to demonstrate that "a couple of
> significant improvements"
> is very much an understatement... ;-}

Yes, definitely. To emphasize this we have pushed the version number of
the tokenizer to 1.0.

If you want to have a look at the old and the new version, go to:



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