[OpenBIOS] ANNOUNCE: Collecting OpenBIOS patches

Jeff Garzik jgarzik at mandrakesoft.com
Wed Jan 19 02:47:38 CET 2000

I've been on this mailing list for about a year, and very little
movement has occurred during that time.

Since there is still interest in this project, I would like to start
collecting patches against OpenBIOS 0.0.2-pre1, hopefully leading up to
a new [unofficial] release.

I am currently working on getting the Intel 430TX (Triton I) low-end
Pentium chipset working with OpenBIOS.  My goal is to be able to boot
either an MS-DOS or Linux OS, just like a regular BIOS.

After that, I will probably tackle the Intel 430FX chipset, or a newer
Via-based chipset like the VT82C686A.

So if you have patched to OpenBIOS, please "diff" them against the
current release on the Web site, 0.0.2-pre1, and post them to the
mailing list.  (or e-mail directly me to if the patches are large)

I will integrate all these patches and roll a new tarball, probably
sometime around Valentine's Day (Feb 14th).

Input, comments, and/or patches are greatly appreciated!  I think
OpenBIOS is a great project, especially for all the older PCs out there
with no BIOS updates since 1995 or so....


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