[OpenBIOS] Any new code?

Jeff Garzik jgarzik at mandrakesoft.com
Wed Jan 19 04:30:43 CET 2000

James wrote:
> At the Advanced Computing Lab of Los Alamos National Lab, we added some
> code to jump to the kernel, display error messages, and set up the
> interrupts.  We modified OpenBIOS 0.0.1, so 0.0.2 may have already done
> some of that.

I haven't compared the two versions actually.  I know that 0.0.2 has
some interrupt setup code.

> Our goal is to get a linux kernel and a shell onto our Intel L440GX+ BIOS
> so we can network boot, etc.  We also have code to boot Linux from Linux,
> so we won't use the bootstrap kernel as the final kernel.

Very cool.  It shouldn't be too hard to hook network booting into
OpenBIOS either, if you wanted to go in that direction.

> This probably won't help you, but it may.  We'll publish our code as soon
> as it is a little more finalized.  If you want I can send you what we have
> so far.

Please do.  I can look over what you guys have now and figure out how to
best integrate it into the current codebase.  When your code is more
finalized, it will take less time to integrate it into OpenBIOS.

(I'm collecting patches to OpenBIOS 0.0.2, as I noted in another message
to the list)

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