[flashrom] BIOS update using flashrom on an UEFI system

Lakesh_Sharma at DELL.com Lakesh_Sharma at DELL.com
Wed Feb 10 03:21:44 CET 2016

In an UEFI based system (x86_64, Rangeley cpu), the bios bootup option
shows each UEFI partition. Where as in legacy bios mode, the bios bootup menu
would show just SSD, USB etc.
In case of UEFI system, the boot-order, boot-current etc (i.e. UEFI config data) is stored
in bios area ?

When we update bios using flashrom, we are seeing that the UEFI config data is getting lost/over-written.
Because of which, bios does not know that it is running on uefi system and probably tries to invoke
grub using legacy way, which hangs.

How can we instruct flashrom to not over-write UEFI config data in bios area.


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