[flashrom] Multiple vs. No flash chip; depends on -c parameter

Stefan Tauner stefan.tauner at alumni.tuwien.ac.at
Thu Aug 25 22:45:35 CEST 2016

On Thu, 25 Aug 2016 19:41:33 +0200
Rudolf Dovičín <rudolf.dovicin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello flashers. :-)
> I try rewrite BIOS on ThinkPad X200 by instructions on:
> https://Libreboot.org/docs/install/x200_external.html
> I use OrangePi PC instead of BeagleBone Black.
> When I try to read from chip with command:
> flashrom -p linux_spi:dev=/dev/spidev0.0,spispeed=512 -r factory_1.rom
> I get reply with "Multiple flash chip definitions match the detected chip...".
> When I try to add any of detected chips to command line parameter, e. g.
> flashrom -p linux_spi:dev=/dev/spidev0.0,spispeed=512 -r factory_1.rom
> -c "MX25L6405"
> I get error "No EEPROM/flash device found."
> Please, where can be the problem?

Hi Rudolf,

what you are seeing is just an artifact of the bad connection between
the programmer and the chip/board. If you look at the verbose log
output you will see that the RDID replies will vary (although they
should always be the same).
Flashing the X200 is annoying. With some hacks you might improve the
result though. One example for another programmer can be found here:

Kind regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Stefan Tauner

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