[flashrom] I lost my backup image and now my pc doesn't start...!

Marcos Felipe Rasia de Mello marcosfrm at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 22:04:42 CET 2012

2012/1/8 İlhan Kahraman <ilhan805 at gmail.com>:
> No, it didn't give any errors. And No, bupdater identifies the bios of
> m4a.... and gives an error mesage because it knows the board is not
> appropriate for the bios of m4a.... So I have to do it with flashrom.
> Yes I can do hot swap as I mention in prev. mail. Same protocol same
> voltages...
> The one thing that I totally confused that: the flashing. Is it  just a "
> sudo flashrom -w  any.rom " process or more complicated than that like:
> updating some part of the chip with  -- layout or -- image  options
> and leaving other parts of the chip whit its original contents (like boot
> block) or something like that?  And I do not really know if this process can
> affect the amd chipset of my board or its only effective on the flash chip?
> İf its just a writing process of any .ROM file I thing I can try forcing it
> to writing operation with internal programer...
> Thanks for Luck :))

flashrom doesn't identifies what is bootblock/mainblock/whatever nor
check if the board model matches like the official tools generally do.
It's a low level tool that put inside the flash chip exactly the same
contents of the the image file. Nothing else.

By default flashrom uses the internal programmer and just touch the
mainboard flash chip. It's really "flashrom -w" (-Vw for the reports
:-) you need.

About the bupdater, maybe there's an option to make it ignore the
board mismatch (can be undocumented...). afudos and awdflash have it
AFAIK. Did you tried bupdater with "/pc /g"? I couldn't find what they
are for, but worth testing.


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