[coreboot] Hardware needed for flashing a T530

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Nov 26 01:51:53 CET 2018

Mike Banon wrote:
> CH341A is made by Jiangsu QinHeng Ltd., and there's a datasheet -
> http://www.anok.ceti.pl/download/ch341ds1.pdf - according to which
> this CH341A has just a few config registers, no internal memory for
> any firmware

It's a USB device; if you look at the USB protocol you'll quickly
realise that it's quite likely that every single USB device runs
firmware - you just never see it with some devices.

> > Peter Stuge wrote:
> > You can't possibly be equating Broadcom to TI in terms of openness?
> Indeed TI is more open than Broadcom, but still not completely open.

Please be (much!!) more specific about how AM335x is "not completely open".

You didn't answer whether you have looked at spruh73.

> I don't know any single board computer that has been endorsed by Free
> Software Foundation,

Is that your primary metric, or do you rather try to find facts yourself?


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