[coreboot] Hardware needed for flashing a T530

Mike Banon mikebdp2 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 01:16:04 CET 2018

> Nico Huber wrote
> Did you check that with an STM or how can you tell?
CH341A is made by Jiangsu QinHeng Ltd., and there's a datasheet -
http://www.anok.ceti.pl/download/ch341ds1.pdf - according to which
this CH341A has just a few config registers, no internal memory for
any firmware - and these CH341A based programmers don't have any extra
memory chips on board, that means "the evil firmware" has nowhere to
> Peter Stuge wrote:
> You can't possibly be equating Broadcom to TI in terms of openness?
Indeed TI is more open than Broadcom, but still not completely open. I
don't know any single board computer that has been endorsed by Free
Software Foundation, that means any of the existing SBCs require the
non-free blobs to function. Maybe EOMA68 could become the first.
On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 2:34 AM Nico Huber <nico.h at gmx.de> wrote:
> On 25.11.18 23:40, Mike Banon wrote:
> >> If u have an Raspi or Beaglebone laying around , they are also suitable for flashing
> > Although there's a problem with
> > Raspi/Beaglebone/any-other-SBC(single.board.computer)-except-EOMA68 I
> > have to mention - they're running the non-free binary blobs, and
> > CH341A or Bus Pirate are better in this relation: CH341A - no firmware
> > at all
> Did you check that with an STM or how can you tell?
> Nico

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