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Thank you very much for the detailed reply.
Vendor's BIOS contains few peripherals initialization.
For example: PCIe enumeration, SATA controller, USB etc.
In case of PCIe enumeration, the generation of PCIe (1,2,3) can be set.
Should vendor supply code for this ? or any other information ?
How can I write it from scratch ?  Can Intel provide information on how to
implement this initialization ?

Thank you,

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> Hello Zvika:
> 1.- Usually it is not necessary to change the CBFS size unless the
> compiler complain of lack of space.
> 2.- You should not worry about this setting to make your system to work.
> 3.- You should not use FSP_PACKAGE_DEFAULT if your plan is to use SIO
> because it will enable SOC internal COM1, instead (if your plan is to use
> FSP) enable FSP and add  a VGA bios bin manually.... (The use of FSP is
> optional but I never tried without FSP).
> 4.- You need to add them yourself, there are examples to follow in this
> mail list.
> Good luck!
> J.Trujillo
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> On June 18, 2018 6:24 AM, Zvi Vered <veredz72 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I inspected the "Bayley Baay FSP-based CRB" sample in coreboot. after make
> distclean I chose:
> Mainboard vendor: Intel
> Mainboard model: Bayley Bay FSP-based CRB
> 1. The size of CBFS is: 0x200000. Is it a fix size or should I change it
> according to my board (which is also bay trail) ?
> 2. According to "dmidecode" I ran on my target, "Address: 0xE0000"
> Should I set this address in coreboot configuration ? How ?
> 3. In this board default configuration, "Configure defaults for the Intel
> FSP package" is not selected. Is it possible that this board does not use
> Intel FSP at all ?
> Under "Generic Drivers", "Use Intel firmware Support Package' is also not
> selected.
> 4. Under "chipset", there is no option to set "Super I/O". Can you please
> tell why ?
> 5. I noticed that the minimum ROM size is 2MB. If I set 4MB, the size of
> coreboot.rom is also 4MB.
> Thank you in advance,
> Zvika
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