[coreboot] Coreboot Purism BIOS is free? open?

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Sat Dec 23 22:19:14 CET 2017

On 23.12.2017 22:08, Ivan Ivanov wrote:
> Sadly the ARM processor also have the ME-like backdoor (called "TrustZone).

Some have. Some not. Some have it and it's owner-controllable. It's not
about the ISA and some optional architectural feature, it's about the
chip you buy.

> And even MIPS is going this road soon (check out the "MIPS OmniShield" news).
> Could it be the requirement of US Government - for all the consumer
> CPU to have backdoors ?
> My last hopes are on POWER 9 and RISC V now ; meanwhile sticking to
> the AMD pre-PSP tech

Forget it. RISC-V already has SMM like tech in the architecture. But
that doesn't matter as long as you can buy chip's that are owner con-
trollable. Such features make it harder to keep everything secure but
they don't force the silicon vendor to lock you out (as long as you
don't ask to be able to watch Netflix in high resolution or something
like that).


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