[coreboot] [RFC] Finding a conference call solution for the CCC

Julius Werner jwerner at chromium.org
Fri Nov 4 22:44:16 CET 2016

At the risk of sounding like a corporate shill: what's wrong with
Google Hangouts? It's got a web interface and native clients for
Android and iOS. (I'm not sure if you still need a binary plug-in for
Firefox, but at least Chromium can run it natively via WebRTC.)

On Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 11:33 AM, Martin Roth <gaumless at gmail.com> wrote:
> We were thinking of switching to the mumble server that Chris Ching has set
> up, but it doesn't seem to have any web client or way to work around that.
> After looking at a number of solutions, I think the solution we'd like to
> try at this point is Blue Jeans - bluejeans.com.  It's actually a paid
> service at $120 per year.  I think the biggest advantage here is that it
> supports a phone bridge, which makes many of the other features unnecessary.
> Upsides:
> - Telephone call-in with numbers in many countries:
> https://bluejeans.com/numbers
> - Native clients for Windows, Linux (RPM), OSX, IOS, and Android.
> - Web interface (chrome only - other browsers are being deprecated)
> - Maximum of 50 attendees per meeting - I think so far our highest
> attendance has been 12 people or so.
> Downsides:
> - Not a free service - it costs $120 per year per host.  The cost may
> increase in the future. They don't offer a discount for open-source projects
> or non-profits at this scale.
> - Web client only works with chrome/chromium
> - Not an open source solution.
> Annoyances:
> - The native Linux client is only available as an rpm
> - Only a single person (email address) can host a meeting.  I'm not sure of
> how much an issue this really is - If we schedule the meetings in advance,
> and it starts automatically, it may not be a problem.  If the host has to
> join before anyone else can talk, that's not so good.
> Let me know what you think.
> Martin
> On Sun, Oct 30, 2016 at 6:35 AM, Paul Menzel via coreboot
> <coreboot at coreboot.org> wrote:
>> Dear coreboot folks,
>> At the last coreboot community meeting (CCC) [1][2], some participants
>> couldn’t here what other participants were saying with the current
>> conference call solution Discord [3].
>> As this greatly reduces the productivity, the conclusion was to find a
>> different solution, as this problem has been present since the
>> beginning and Discord doesn’t seem to be able to fix this.
>> So either somebody gets in contact with Discord, and they promise to
>> work on a solution for the next meeting, or we need to find a different
>> solution.
>> The requirements are.
>> 1. Working conference call (audio) functionality
>> 2. No registration necessary
>> 3. Clients for all operating systems (packages at best in distribution
>> archive), or at least a Web client that runs with Mozilla Firefox (ESR
>> and last version), and Google Chromium (last version).
>> Chris(?) offered to set up a Mumble [4] server. Clients for all
>> operating systems are supposed to be available.
>> Also Tox was mentioned [5], which doesn’t feature a Web client, as far
>> as I can see.
>> So if you know of a solution, please tell us, so that technical
>> problems won’t spoil the fun of the CCCs.
>> Thanks,
>> Paul
>> [1] https://www.coreboot.org/Coreboot_community_meeting
>> [2] https://coreboot-meeting.pads.ccc.de/CommunityMeetingTopics?
>> [3] https://discordapp.com/
>> [4] https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Main_Page
>>     "Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat
>> software primarily intended for use while gaming."
>> [5] https://tox.chat/
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