[coreboot] stylus support on x60 tablet

The Gluglug info at gluglug.org.uk
Thu Jan 30 23:21:44 CET 2014


I'm gathering information as per request on behalf of an existing x60t 
user (he does not yet have coreboot).
He wonders, if work is being done to support the stylus function on an 
x60 tablet machine.

If no work is currently being done (and noone is interested) he wonders 
who would be able to implement it regardless (he is happy to pay for 
this to be done).

The wiki mentions that this is "WIP" but does not seem to link to any 
relevant information. It does link here 
http://forum.bongofish.co.uk/index.php?topic=2307.0 and here 
http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Wacom_Serial_Tablet_PC_Stylus which seems 
to contain some information.

The first link seems to show some datasheets/schematics.

Who should I contact regarding further development?

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