[coreboot] stylus support on x60 tablet

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Jan 31 03:48:17 CET 2014

The Gluglug wrote:
> He wonders, if work is being done to support the stylus function on an
> x60 tablet machine.

Not if you're not doing it I don't think.

> If no work is currently being done (and noone is interested) he wonders who 
> would be able to implement it regardless (he is happy to pay for this to be 
> done).

Any coreboot developer. But I suspect that noone has time and interest
to do it properly. I guess that money doesn't really make a

You could of course get into development.

It seems quite likely that the digitizer is a serial device, you can
confirm that easily with the factory BIOS, then go looking for how to
get that port going with coreboot.

This is pretty much the simplest task there is in coreboot.


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