[coreboot] Baytrail SD card interface

Wen Wang wen.wang at adiengineering.com
Thu Aug 7 16:16:40 CEST 2014


Thanks much for the information!  We must have missed something.  For SD
card, we have SD enabled in fsp, and the GPIO mux configured in coreboot. Is
there anything else we need to do?  Did you have to do anything in seabios? 



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SD Card , SD Card Boot work. We have designed several Boards with SD Card
Although I would recommend USB3 Boot as it's a magnitude faster.

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Hello all,

Does the current baytrail fsp coreboot code support SD/uSD card interface?
Is anybody able to get it to work on Bayley Bay CRB? It does not seem to
work on our CRB. We checked the SD3_PWREN signal, it always remains high and
therefore the SD card doesn't get any power.



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