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hardware other then just normal things found on the average desktop. =
are controllers in use that are normally not documented for special =
for example.

Take a look for example at the Linux kernel features for enabling the =
found on the VAIO from Sony, since the firm probably was reluctant to
release information on it, it was sorted out by reverse engineering.

That's just one example. I would imagine that the others can bring up =
items to this discussion.
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> > On Wed, Dec 05, 2007 at 12:31:54PM -0800, Wakefield, John  wrote:
> > > I have an Acer 5102WLMi Notebook with Dual Core AMD TL50s, which =
> >
> > I'm afraid LinuxBIOS doesn't yet work on laptops, those are much =
> > to support than "normal" PCs for various reasons. It's on our TODO =
> > support laptops too sooner or later, but it's not a trivial task.
> >
> Uwe, could you elaborate a bit here? Why supporting laptops is
> technically much harder than desktop??
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