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Sun Dec 9 17:34:17 CET 2012

easy.  Very small changes frequently require you to run make oldconfig so
that you can handle all of the options that were not set, but now need to be
set because you changed an option.

Maybe there is a good way to do hierarchical make menuconfig, but then you
get the problem that the sources haven't been downloaded yet when you are
configuring buildrom.

That said, I haven't used v3 yet.

It seems like in the current state, the addition of new options (a new form
of compression, for instance) in v3's config files might require patching
all of the .config files in buildrom.  That doesn't seem nice.

I'm just hoping that when v3 supports the platforms I'm interested in it
will be easy for buildrom to select which images to include and do some
rudimentary calculations to see if they'll fit in the ROM.


PS If I'm overlooking the obvious, easy ways to do things I'm all ears.
It's easy to end up doing things the hard way if you don't know what the
easy way is.

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