[coreboot] [PATCH] kbd: wait longer for self-test on keyboard reset

Mathias Krause mathias.krause at secunet.com
Thu Dec 15 08:28:39 CET 2011

Hi Peter,

On 14.12.2011 08:45, Peter Stuge wrote:
> Hi,
> Mathias Krause wrote:
>> Some keyboards take pretty long to respond to a reset command,
> I've pushed this to Gerrit.

thank you! I wasn't aware of that, but maybe the wiki[1] should be
updated to reflect that this is the preferred way to submit patches and
no longer the mailing list? It's even mentioning the usage of subversion
for the coreboot source, which is now obsolete, I guess.

>> Since I was unable to download the git tree (why is it HTTP only,
>> btw?)
> You can also access the Git repo using SSH. Please do that. You'll
> need to create a user in Gerrit via the web interface, and upload
> your public SSH key. Then you can push directly to Gerrit. You can't
> count on someone else doing it for you, and there is a high risk that
> patches get overlooked. :\

I'll try to set it up for the next time. I already talked to Patrick why
the HTTP repo failed for me. Looks like my git version is to old and
that for lacks smart http support.

>> a patch against a tarball snapshot.
> Please always make a git commit and not only a patch. You can send an
> email with the patch easily using git send-email, or you can format a
> patch for attachment (as text/plain) using git format-patch, after
> creating the commit.

Due to the lack of a git repo I was unable to do so. But, in fact, I
used git send-email to deliver the message. And the email should have
almost looked like as git format-patch generates them -- meaning it has
a subject describing the change, a commit message and the SOB signature.
Anything else missing?

> I suggest using one branch per independent change, to not have any
> dependencies in Gerrit, even though they are really only advisory.

> The patch looks generally fine, but what about changing the 0x61 port
> to 0x65? That was an error all along?

No, it was not. In fact, it's not the port that changed but the value
written. The additional bit is the "also set the system bit when
enabling the keyboard" part of the commit message.


[1] http://www.coreboot.org/Development_Guidelines#How_to_contribute

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