[coreboot] Request for Help/Information - Booting Linux Kernel (Embedded x86)

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 17:40:18 CET 2010

Last time we did this, at Sandia last summer, we just used mkelfimage
to make the image, pointed the Kconfig-based build at the elf image,
and it all worked. This was on the Kontron board.

Further, you should in the Kconfig-based build just be able to point
coreboot at a kernel elf image (vmlinux, say) and it should work. Only
big issue is that linuxbios was designed from 1999 on to enter at the
32-bit entry bit, not the 16-bit entry point. It's always been pretty
easy to do, however, since from the very beginning linuxbios/coreboot
had "load a kernel" as a primary goal.


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