[coreboot] Request for Help/Information - Booting Linux Kernel (Embedded x86)

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Jan 29 09:29:33 CET 2010

Patrick Georgi wrote:
> > Maybe vmlinux could be started directly by the coreboot ELF loader
> Close, but not quite. Linux requires a table with some runtime
> values around. So at least a small wrapper that fills this table
> will be necessary, I think.

And Linux does not want to fill the table using cbtables.

> But it should be possible to be more efficient than mkelfimage, by
> amending the vmlinux image with another code fragment that fills the
> table and jumps to the real entry point, and retargeting the entry
> point. At least, it will spare you a copy operation or two.

Alternatively, maybe something libpayload based which reads vmlinux
from CBFS?

It's tempting to have the table filling code in coreboot itself..


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