[coreboot] Request for Help/Information - Booting Linux Kernel (Embedded x86)

Graeme Russ graeme.russ at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 04:00:10 CET 2010

OK, I'm getting a little closer (I think)...

I have managed to coerce U-Boot into processing a bzImage and loading
what appears to be the correct data @ 0x10000. According to this
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Linux-kernel-vmlinux.png) I think
that is all about right.

Doing a memory dump from 0x10000 gives:

00010000: 57e58955 ec835356 085d8b18 560c758b    U..WVS....]..u.V
00010010: 000220e8 6a585f00 025e6806 cee80004    . ..._Xj.h^.....
00010020: e8000000 00000083 6850595a 0004027f    ........ZYPh....
00010030: 0000bc68 2404c700 0004029d 0000b0e8    h......$........

The disassembly of which is:

push    ebp

mov     ebp, esp

push    edi

push    esi

push    ebx

sub     esp, 18h

mov     ebx, [ebp+8]

mov     esi, [ebp+0Ch]

push    esi

call    near ptr 235h

pop     edi

pop     eax

push    6

push    4025Eh

call    near ptr 0F1h

call    near ptr 0ABh

pop     edx

pop     ecx

push    eax

push    4027Fh

push    0BCh

mov     dword ptr [esp], 4029Dh

So it looks like legit code (setting up a stack frame etc)

But where to go from here?



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