[coreboot] Some help for the lay person?

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Oct 22 07:29:14 CEST 2009

Mick Reed wrote:
> Procedure 2:
> check out coreboot-v2 source
> cd into coreboot-v2 directory
> make menuconfig
> make

Note that this is still in alpha stage for most if not all listed

> Procedure 3:
> cd into targets/vendor/model
> edit Config.lb
cd ../.. into targets
./buildtarget vendor/model
cd target/vendor/model
> make

> Do I have to do both Procedures 2 and 3 if kconfig works for me?
> And in what order?

No, Kconfig will replace buildtarget and Config.lb will be removed.
It is a big improvement, but getting it done also requires some

> Where is kconfig looking for payload.elf?

Either in coreboot-v2 or in the build/ directory.

> It didn't seem to like the absolute path that I put into
> menuconfig.

I consider that a bug then. Again, note that Kconfig does not really
work completely yet. An absolute path should work there. I would like
a relative path be relative to the coreboot-v2 directory rather than
the build subdirectory.

In any case, to find you more about what is going wrong, you can run
make V=1 to get more information. Send the output to the list and
we'll try to spot the issue with the absolute path.


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