[coreboot] Some help for the lay person?

Mick Reed oregon.mick at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 07:07:18 CEST 2009

I'm trying to build a rom with filo for my tyan s2885.  I'd like to
write a generic build tutorial for the lay person, or at least for
non-programmers (me).  I have identified some general steps, and have
some questions.

Some steps:
Procedure 1:
get a payload source, e.g. filo-trunk
configure and make the payload
make the payload available for Procedures 2 or 3

Procedure 2:
check out coreboot-v2 source
cd into coreboot-v2 directory
make menuconfig

Procedure 3:
cd into targets/vendor/model
edit Config.lb

Procedure 4:
Test the rom (qemu, etc)
Put it in the machine and go! (flashrom)

Do I have to do both Procedures 2 and 3 if kconfig works for me?  And
in what order?

Where is kconfig looking for payload.elf?  It didn't seem to like the
absolute path that I put into menuconfig.  IIRC someone mentioned that
it doesn't like non-'sane' paths.

Thanks for any help & suggestions.

FYI flashrom works on my board, I upgraded and verified my vendor bios
with it.  I'm using the push-pin method of chip-wrangling and have
bought some 16Mbit flash to burn.

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