[coreboot] Some help for the lay person?

Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Thu Oct 22 22:08:07 CEST 2009

On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 07:29:14AM +0200, Peter Stuge wrote:
> Mick Reed wrote:
> > Procedure 2:
> > check out coreboot-v2 source
> > cd into coreboot-v2 directory
> > make menuconfig
> > make
> Note that this is still in alpha stage for most if not all listed
> boards.


> > Where is kconfig looking for payload.elf?
> Either in coreboot-v2 or in the build/ directory.

Top-level coreboot-v2 directory works (don't know about build/).

> > It didn't seem to like the absolute path that I put into
> > menuconfig.
> I consider that a bug then. Again, note that Kconfig does not really
> work completely yet. An absolute path should work there.

It does, I just tested on trunk.

> I would like
> a relative path be relative to the coreboot-v2 directory rather than
> the build subdirectory.

That's the case in trunk, works fine.

> I'm trying to build a rom with filo for my tyan s2885.  I'd like to
> write a generic build tutorial for the lay person, or at least for
> non-programmers (me).  I have identified some general steps, and have
> some questions.

We'll have such a generic HOWTO in the wiki as soon as kconfig becomes
the default (no need to write something for the old system, it'll be
gone soon).

Here's the current (work in progress) page:


Please let us know if there is missing information or if you have
suggestions for improvements (but note that kconfig is a moving target
right now, one or two things may change until we make it the default).

> Procedure 4:
> Test the rom (qemu, etc)
> Put it in the machine and go! (flashrom)

You cannot test an image meant for real hardware in QEMU. Only the
"Emulation / QEMU" mainboard works in QEMU. And the QEMU "mainboard"
won't work on any actual hardware either, of course.

> FYI flashrom works on my board, I upgraded and verified my vendor bios
> with it.

Tyan S2885? We don't seem to list that on the flashrom page, yet.
Can you post "flashrom -V" output to the flashrom mailing list for
reference? Did flashrom say "VERIFIED" after the write? Thanks!

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