[coreboot] via vt82c686 southbridge

Daniel Lindenaar daniel at lindenaar.eu
Sat Sep 6 12:01:06 CEST 2008

Daniel Lindenaar wrote:
> Daniel Lindenaar wrote:
>> Corey Osgood wrote:
>>> On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 5:20 PM, Daniel Lindenaar
>>> <daniel-coreboot at lindenaar.eu> wrote:
>>>> hmmm it's working partly, it seems. First i did something wrong 
>>>> that skrewed
>>>> up the com port setup, which I fixed. I now get the debug messages 
>>>> I added
>>>> via the serial line, but, strangely, only when i do a (warm) reboot 
>>>> from a
>>>> running linux, not with a cold boot... probably something needs to 
>>>> be set
>>>> that doesn't get set by default on cold reboot.
>>> Not good. Can you send me a copy of your tree or a patch, and a
>>> complete boot log? I've seen the same issue, I just can't remember how
>>> I fixed it at the moment. It's something to do with either the romcc
>>> build parameters or failover code, I can't remember atm. Also, vt8601
>>> is compatible with both c3 and p2/p3, right? Which are you using?
>> OK, there some small progress made. I'll send you a patch later. 
>> Here's a complete bootlog. first after a warm reboot, then after a 
>> power cycle and then after a reset.
> Here's the patch... Hope you can help <:)
ow I forgot the target dir... here's the new one


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