[LinuxBIOS] Can anyone confirm if linuxbios works on EPIA PD10000?

Matt bios at lists.actweb.info
Sat May 6 10:05:12 CEST 2006

Im new to the list, so apoligise if this has been asked before :(
I use the EPIA PD10000 boards for various projects and would like to use linux bios on the boards, the PD range is not listed on the site, so i thought id ask here :)
I understand that video can be a problem with the EPIA boards but all i realy want is a serial output :)

The PD10000 board has the following chipsets :-
# Processor   	VIA C3™/ VIA Eden™ EBGA processor
# Chipset 	VIA CLE266 North Bridge
# VIA VT8235 South Bridge
# System Memory 	1 DDR266 DIMM socket
# Up to 1GB memory size
# VGA 	Integrated VIA UniChrome™ AGP graphics with MPEG-2 Accelerator
# Expansion Slots 	1 PCI
# Onboard IDE 	2 X UltraDMA 133/100/66 Connector
# Onboard LAN 	VIA VT6105 LOM+VT6103 10/100 Base-T Ethernet PHY
# Onboard Audio 	VIA VT1612A 2 channel AC' 97 codec
# Award BIOS
# 2/4Mbit flash memory
# CPU voltage monitoring
# Wake-on-LAN, Keyboard Power-on, Timer Power-on
# System power management
# AC power failure recovery
(data taken from VIA website : http://www.via.com.tw/en/products/mainboards/mini_itx/epia_pd/)

as i use these boards mainly as routers, all i realy need functioning is the IDE and LAN, and serial access (VERY basic 80x40 video text output might be nice thow :) )
the only other thing might be to have the audio working and the pci slot, as i have used these boards in the past for Asterisk PBX sytsem.

Again, if this has been asked before im sorry

any help would be great



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