[LinuxBIOS] LB vs Factory BIOS -- more weirdness

Ronald G Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Fri May 12 18:34:37 CEST 2006

Eric Poulsen wrote:
> I have done this -- It doesn't cause the problem.  I had the machine off 
> for two days with the PS unplugged (no aux power), and the power 
> connected disconnected from the MLB.  Booted just fine after that.   I 
> think whoever mentioned the CAS setting being too fast might be on the 
> right track, but it's weird that the factory BIOS fixes it (for a while).
> WRT DMA issue:
> (I only booted using LB)
> Also, last night, I _hammered_ the southbridge by copying 50M files on 
> the HD, FTPing 50Meg files, and Copying 100M files from usb stick to 
> HDA.  I ran this for several hours.  The CPU heatsink got pretty warm.  
> No crashes.  Previously, just copying from HDA to HDC would crash it, or 
> from USB >> HDA, regularly.
> So I Power down, Reboot (LB again), restarted the HDA >> HDA copy and 
> the FTP.  Froze up within 10 minutes.
> I'll re-run the tests tonight using the factory BIOS -- who knows what's 
> going to happen.

There's a good chance that factory bios is bug-fixing another part and 
getting the programming via flash settings. This is commonly done in 
factory bioses. This is another part of our life that is made hard by 
proprietary bug-fix code.


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