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Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Mon Oct 18 21:21:00 CEST 2004

Richard Smith <rsmith at> writes:

> Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> > Hmm. I suspect your configuration would look something like:
> >
> > chip northbridge/intel/440bx         device pci_domain 0 on
> Ok so I guess I'll start asking questions.  "pci_domain"  this is the top level
> I guess?  Where are all the different device types listed at?


> The use of "on" this is on as in on/off and not "this item is on this item"

Correct.  It is there so we do things like disable unused integrated hardware.
> Is the order of the config file related to the order of the init sequence the
> code generates?

Roughly. Yes.  

The compile time information is merged with what can be found dynamically.
The resources are allocated (much like v1 pci devices) but the methods
can be overridden.

Then the init methods of all of the devices are called.

> >         device apic_cluster 0 on
> >                 chip cpu/intel/slot_2
> >                      device apic 0 on end
> >                 end
> >         end
> > end
> So after I fix up this example to match our board where would my board specific
> code go?  Is there still a mainboard.c? I've got things that disable the
> secondary IDE controller and a few other specials.

Yes, but we try to avoid 

Basically the code is inside out from the v1 tree.  That makes the
code a little harder to follow but a lot easier to reuse.

I am stunned that the ide interface enable/disable thing has not come up,
before.  That looks something we have just glossed over.  To many other
glitches I guess.

I am trying to think of a clean way to handle it so the ide enable/disable
can be set in the configuration file.

I can see two possible ways and I will list an example of both:
Either we add and ide_socket path and only enable IDE controllers
who have an attached socket, or we add a chip specific configuration option.

chip southbridge/intel/piix4e
        device pci 12.0 on end # ISA bridge
        device pci 12.1 on 
                device ide_socket on end
	end # IDE controller
        device pci 12.1 on end # IDE controller
        device pci 12.2 on end # USB host controller
        device pci 12.3 on end # Power management registers

        register enable_ide_0 = "1"
        register enable_ide_1 = "0"

We can still run mainboard specific code in the appropriate init method.
Note however that will be the first init method run.  In general it is assumed
that the order of init methods does not matter, so the just get run in
the order the devices were discovered.


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