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Richard Smith rsmith at
Mon Oct 18 20:05:01 CEST 2004

Eric W. Biederman wrote:

> Hmm. I suspect your configuration would look something like:

> chip northbridge/intel/440bx 
>         device pci_domain 0 on 

Ok so I guess I'll start asking questions.  "pci_domain"  this is the 
top level I guess?  Where are all the different device types listed at?

The use of "on" this is on as in on/off and not "this item is on this item"

Is the order of the config file related to the order of the init 
sequence the code generates?

>         device apic_cluster 0 on
>                 chip cpu/intel/slot_2
>                      device apic 0 on end
>                 end
>         end
> end

So after I fix up this example to match our board where would my board 
specific code go?  Is there still a mainboard.c? I've got things that 
disable the secondary IDE controller and a few other specials.

Richard A. Smith

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