Vga bios?

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Wed Dec 22 09:48:00 CET 2004

Humm  OK, the main point in asking the question was coming from the stand
point that it is easy to obtain a vga rom. Most standard bios images are
just a zip file.  There are tools on the web that allow one to unzip a bios
rom file and grab the rom for the graphics controller. This was an idea that
I was toying around with that I think could help the whole linuxbios group
of people. I am not at that part yet.  Both my board do not boot linux bios
yet.  The Pentium M board is not supported, yet.  The P3 board has the super
IO in the southbridge makeing life harder. When I get one of these board
booting linuxbios then I will be willing to try to get VGA bios running.
-Adam Talbot

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> --- Adam Talbot <talbotx at> wrote:
> > If i have the rom image for the graphics card rom,
> > can I load that into linuxbios?
> Maybe.
> There are 2 methods of doing VGA bios with LB.  Both
> of these methods are for v1. I can't speak for v2
> since I haven't made the switch yet.
> Method one is to enable the real mode IDT stuff that
> sets up a 16 bit enviroment and jumps into the
> vgabios.  I've attempted this but never took it far
> enough to actually make it work.  Search the archives
> for 'vgabios' or 'vga bios' and you should find lots
> of posts describing what to set.
> The second option and the one that I'm most familiar
> with is using ADLO.  ADLO is a glue layer to the BIOS
> used int the bochs project which attempts to set up a
> legacy BIOS enviroment.
> Using ADLO and Bochs, I've made LILO and several
> vgabios's work under LinuxBios with our Intel 440bx
> chipset.
> What chipset are you using?
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