Vga bios?

Adam Sulmicki adam at
Wed Dec 22 09:55:01 CET 2004

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004, Adam Talbot wrote:

> Humm  OK, the main point in asking the question was coming from the stand
> point that it is easy to obtain a vga rom. Most standard bios images are
> just a zip file.  There are tools on the web that allow one to unzip a bios
> rom file and grab the rom for the graphics controller. This was an idea that

it is trivial to grab bios image. you just run 'dd' under linuxbios while 
booted from pcbios. In that way you don't have to wonder what they used to 
pack/compress the bios image.

what is tricky is that the vga bios usually expect to run in 16 bit mode 
and with some of pc bios routines available. There's Ollie's testvga, 
there's ADLO which both attemp to solve this issue.

> Both my board do not boot linux bios yet.

> When I get one of these board booting linuxbios then I will be willing 
> to try to get VGA bios running.

good idea.

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