Vga bios?

Richard Smith smithbone69 at
Tue Dec 21 22:41:00 CET 2004

--- Adam Talbot <talbotx at> wrote:

> If i have the rom image for the graphics card rom,
> can I load that into linuxbios?


There are 2 methods of doing VGA bios with LB.  Both
of these methods are for v1. I can't speak for v2
since I haven't made the switch yet.

Method one is to enable the real mode IDT stuff that
sets up a 16 bit enviroment and jumps into the
vgabios.  I've attempted this but never took it far
enough to actually make it work.  Search the archives
for 'vgabios' or 'vga bios' and you should find lots
of posts describing what to set.

The second option and the one that I'm most familiar
with is using ADLO.  ADLO is a glue layer to the BIOS
used int the bochs project which attempts to set up a
legacy BIOS enviroment.

Using ADLO and Bochs, I've made LILO and several
vgabios's work under LinuxBios with our Intel 440bx

What chipset are you using? 

Richard A Smith

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