Fabiatech FB2510 Geode GX1 motherboard.

ron minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Sun Mar 30 20:56:01 CEST 2003

On Sat, 29 Mar 2003, Joey Nelson wrote:

> What are the areas I may have to customize for FB2510?  I'm willing and
> able to dig into the source code if necessary.  Just point me to where
> it is necessary.  Is there any information I'm going to have to ask
> Fabiatech for?

here is the easiest thing to do. Look at some of the HOWTOs (e.g. the 
sbc710 etc.). 

Then try to build a pcm-5823 linuxbios and load it into flash and see how
it works on the board. I doubt all the pieces will work, but if you get
serial output of any kind, I think the port will be easy. I have found 
with several GEODE boards that the only thing that changes much is the IRQ 
table and which super io they use.

If the bios even works a little (I.e. you get serial out) considering
using one of the two portguides to tell you how to make a linuxbios port 
for this board. 

Also consider writing a version of this portguide for this board -- the 
more portguides the better.

For the rest of your questions, let's get to them after you have done a 
basic linuxbios port. But, I see no problems doing what you are trying to 

p.s. I'm on vacation this week so my answers will be sporadic, but I'm 

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