I´m novice

Philippe CABANNES yenneo at oreka.com
Mon Mar 31 00:36:00 CEST 2003

I´m novice, and i´m trying to follow the instructions of the Epia´s   
How to file.                                                          
I can´t execute the config tool. My file is named "NLBConfig.py,v" ,  
why is there the ",v" at the end of the file? is it normal?           
This is the the same for my config file.                              
I renamed them as "NLBConfig.py" and "motherboard.config" but         
impossible to execute.                                                
I used "python .../NLBConfig.py   ..../motherboard.config  /.../"     
It gives me a mistake at the first line, so i don´t think this is this
way it works.                                                         
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