Fabiatech FB2510 Geode GX1 motherboard.

Joey Nelson joey at joescan.com
Sat Mar 29 18:22:00 CET 2003


I'm hoping to get Linuxbios running on a Fabiatech FB2510 PC/104 cpu
It's quite similar too the existing advantech/pcm-5823 motherboard.  It
has a GX1 Northbridge/CPU, CS5530 Southbridge, SMC FDC37B787 SuperIO,
and RTL8139C 10/100 Ethernet.

It has a 2-MBit SST39SF020A flash in a PLC-32 package, so DOC is not an
option.  But it appears there are included utilities for writing this
flash in the Linuxbios cvs tree.  Alternately I have a Universal

I'm figuring I can base my work off the pcm-5823 and other GX1/CS5530
based motherboard configurations.  

What are the areas I may have to customize for FB2510?  I'm willing and
able to dig into the source code if necessary.  Just point me to where
it is necessary.  Is there any information I'm going to have to ask
Fabiatech for?

My goal is to boot with Linuxbios along with the ide_disk driver from
Etherboot.  The Linux kernel and initrd/rootfs will be on an IDE flash

I'm currently using a FAT16 formatted IDE Flash with the very simple
syslinux bootloader, which loads a bzImage and gzipped initrd/rootfs.

How do I get Linux onto an IDE device so Etherboot's ide_disk driver
will load the kernel and my initrd? 


Joey Nelson

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