sis630 mac address

Steve M. Gehlbach steve at
Sun Sep 22 15:23:14 CEST 2002

> AFAIK, on the 630e, the MAC address is actually stored in CMOS at index
> 9-14. I'm not sure how that came to be zeroed, but if you put it back
> there, all will be well. The regular BIOS sets that during POST.
> G'day,
> sjames

Thanks, you are correct, except the BIOS stubbornly refuses to reset it now.
I have zeroed the cmos (using the jumper) several times, and pressed F2(? I
think) to set default values, but still a zero.  It's interesting the the
M787cl+, after a zero cmos, doesn't boot on the first poweron, have to then
poweroff and try again. Oh well, budget board, budget bios I guess. Another
argument for Linuxbios.


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