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AFAIK, on the 630e, the MAC address is actually stored in CMOS at index
9-14. I'm not sure how that came to be zeroed, but if you put it back
there, all will be well. The regular BIOS sets that during POST.


On Sat, 21 Sep 2002, Steve M. Gehlbach wrote:

> My pcchips m787cl+ with the sis630e chipset started reporting a 00:00..00
> mac address.  It was working at first, but somewhere in the process of
> debugging I started getting all zeros.
> I looked thorough the linuxbios and the sis900.c driver, and I think
> everything is being setup correctly.  I even wrote a small program to read
> the eeprom directly (rather than the APC cmos), following the code in the
> sis driver, and I always read zeroes.  I cannot ever seem to get a 1 on DO
> (b1 of IO reg 0x2008).
> I put the orig bios back in and booted Linux and same result, so I am pretty
> sure the eeprom got erased (or is dead).
> Anybody (ollie?) know if there is a way to re-write the eeprom?  The
> ifconfig command will set the mac to any value but it doesn't last through
> reboots, and I did not see any code in the driver that appears to write to
> the eeprom.
> The bios that came with the board does not seem to have a way to set it
> either.
> BTW, I have the text mode vga going on this mobo if anyone is interested in
> the code.  I was able to use my stpc vga code with only a few changes.
> -Steve
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