PCChips M758LMR+ works for me but...

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Hello from Gregg C Levine
Um, Todd, way to go choosing Slackware, that's what I use. Now what's
this about  the slowness of the bootup scripts? I use Slackware here,
and about all I can say, it's a bit strange about those scripts. Of
course, this is version, 8.0, I haven't ordered copies of 8.1 on CD yet.
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> Thanks for the response!
> >I assume this is redhat 7. The slowness of the bootup scripts
> >has managed to almost eliminate the speed of boot you get with
> linuxbios. It's
> >depressing.
> No, sorry, It's Slackware 8.1 and about half the boot scripts have
> remarked out.
> > I believe this has been solved, Andrew Ip and Ollie are the experts
> > this one.
> That's great, I have been relying on USB...
> > This sounds like an IRQ table problem. Did you get a chance
> > to run getpir
> > and compare to linuxbios getpir?
> No, but I will certainly so this!
> > what features do you use? we're weak in this area and could use
> I primarily have been using ACPI for startup & shutdown.  Startup will
> always work when there is momentary contact to the power header.  ACPI
> fails to load which causes it to not see the power button.  There is
> an ACPI directory under /proc, so ACPID has nothing to watch for (ex:
> Momentary contact on the power button to initiate `shutdown`.
>      Regards,
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