PCChips M758LMR+ works for me but...

Todd E. Johnson tejohnson at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 4 17:09:01 CEST 2002


I would tend to agree that it _may_ help in a rather large cluster.  For
example, a node's fan or environmental control fails and the system
becomes too hot, ACPI may signal an event to gracefully shut down the
node.  Or perhaps look towards CPU throttling.  However, from some of
the messages I have seen to the LinuxACPI mailing list from Linus, it is
hard to gauge the outlook for ACPI in Linux, or I am mis-reading the
messages altogether.

For my development purposes, I have completely disabled ACPI in my
kernel config, however, this had no effect.  Also, when I run `getpir`
and generate a new irq_table.c, do I need to make any modification to
that source?  Or, do I simply replace the existing <freebios
home>/src/util/mainboard/pcchips/m758lmr+/irq_table.c ?

If the latter is the case, this had no effect.  I used the resulting
irq_table.c from `getpir` with "option DISABLE_INTERNAL_DEVICES=1" in my
config, and without.  No change: No USB, and the same IRQ problems.  The
only change is  with "option DISABLE_INTERNAL_DEVICES=1" set in the
config file, it now boots in 35 seconds, but of course, I didn't have
any devices working besides the FrameBuffer console...

A quick side note, in the config file, there is no difference between
"option DISABLE_INTERNAL_DEVICES=1" && "option


Todd E. Johnson
tejohnson at yahoo.com

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> On Fri, 4 Oct 2002, Todd E. Johnson wrote:
> > I primarily have been using ACPI for startup & shutdown.  
> Startup will
> > always work when there is momentary contact to the power 
> header.  ACPI
> > fails to load which causes it to not see the power button.  
> There is not
> > an ACPI directory under /proc, so ACPID has nothing to 
> watch for (ex:
> > Momentary contact on the power button to initiate `shutdown`.
> The trend in the free os community is to do ACPI functions in 
> the OS --
> this is smart, I think. You need to get ACPI tables from the 
> existing BIOS
> and then see how far the Linux ACPI emulator is and how well it works.
> This is a bit of work but would be a huge help and we would 
> love to have a
> writeup.
> ron
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