I want to write a BIOS debugger.Can you give me some advice?

王海明 whm_buaa at sina.com
Tue Nov 5 05:09:01 CET 2002

hi , all,
      I am a postgraduate student of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics ( in china , Beijing).
	 I want to write a BIOS debugger as my graduation article.
	 My plan are as follow:
      1. firstly I want to write a debug stub which is INDEPENDENT of specific Mainchips,
		and  small enough. The stub can set up a basic environment ( such as  RAM 
        initialization,	uart initialization). It can also communicate with the develop PC  
        through Serial port,and excute the debug command transfered by the develp PC.
	 2. write a source debugger	.
                                                    |         |
     --------------------------       serial port   | develop |
     | BIOS       |debug stub | ----<---->--------- |   pc    |
   --------------------------                     -----------
                                                       | |

                the system figure

    I appreciate some advice about the possibility of my plan . 	

      best regards!			
            yours Haiming Wang
              whm_buaa at sina.com

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